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Spine Clinic

Relieve Back Pain without Surgery!

Are you suffering from back pain or neck pain frequently?

Are you suffering from Spondylitis, Sciatica, Slipped Disc?

Have you been advised Surgery for your Back Pain & not sure whether to undergo surgery?

Do you think bed rest is the best cure for Back Pain?

Have you not improved after taking standard treatments of Back Pain?

Do you need Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

If the answer is YES to any of the above question, then you should see Core Concept, An Advanced Spine and Joint Rehab Centre.

Back pain is a very common complaint. According to the 80% of population will have low back pain at least once in their lives.Back pain is a common reason for absence from work and doctor visits. Although back pain may be painful and uncomfortable, it is not usually serious.Even though back pain can affect people of any age, it is significantly more common among adults aged between 35 and 55 years. Experts say that back pain is associated with the way our bones, muscles and ligaments in our backs work together.

After an episode of low back pain has lasted between two to six weeks, or if there are frequent recurrences of low back pain, physical therapy is often recommended. Core Concept has experienced and trained physiotherapist lead by Dr. Umesh Falak.

At Spine Clinic, we follow a 7-Phase Rehabilitation Protocol which includes:

Detailed Spine Assessment.

Mechanical Diagnosis- Establishing the root cause of Symptoms.

Pain Management with advanced Electrotherapeutics like Non-Surgical LASER.

Non-Surgical Decompression - the most advanced technology in Spine Rehab - treats the root cause of Symptoms.

McKenzie Exercises or other Manual Therapy concept according to the Spine Condition.

The Core Stability Exercise Program.


At Core Concept, we have been able to successfully help a large number of our patients find the relief that they are looking for without Surgery. While surgery is sometimes necessary (only 2% of Back Pain patients require Surgery), patients are better off, if it can be avoided.The aim of treatment conducted at Core Concept is to decrease pain, increase function, and provide education on a maintenance program to prevent further recurrences.

Our advanced physiotherapy programs to cure back pain include

1. Spinal Decompression Therapy

Traction has been used to treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions for centuries, and possibly millennia.Spinal decompression is a type of traction therapy applied to the spine in an attempt to bring about several theoretical benefits including: Create a negative intradiscal pressure to promote retraction or repositioning of the herniated or bulging disc material.Spinal Decompression System (SDS). It is a leading non-surgical alternative for treatment of Mechanical Low Back and Neck Pain, introduced for the first time in Pune by us.

2. Sigma Body Alignment Therapy

SIGMA Alignment is a computer-based, piezoelectric instrument that utilize an accelerated mass in the head of the instrument to gently percuss the tissue area being tested, giving the practitioner vital information about the motion dynamics and resonant frequency of the joint or tissue. The SIGMA instrument measures the stiffness of the tissue or joint by applying a light mechanical force in the form of an instantaneous shock wave and oscillating frequency; a signal is then reflected back to the piezoelectric sensor, which measures these reflective statistics, sending it to the computer for interpretation, all before the muscle can respond. The process occurs so fast that it reduces the normal defence mechanism or guarding response, caused by typical palpation.

SIGMA Instruments uses the same sensing technology that the aviation industry and engineers have used in order to test metal fatigue in aircraft and bridge spans. Practitioners can now use this highly sophisticated technology to analyse joints and tissue with increased precision and confidence.

With this technology, musculoskeletal conditions can be managed by increasing range of motion, eliminating fixation and improving functional capacity of patients through specific manipulative techniques assisted by the instrument in a precise and reproducible manner. The SIGMA Instrument enables the practitioner to analyse using a sophisticated instrument, treat the dysfunctional area and then reanalyse. This provides pre and post data which is very beneficial while overseeing the patient's course of care. It provides a method to track treatment progression that is precise, gentle and preferred.

Following are the features of Sigma Alignment:

Soft Tissue conditions such as trigger points respond well to the percussion forces of SIGMA Instrument. The forces are delivered in a sub-harmonic, metered, precise nature to create oscillation and enhance range of motion.

Neurologically, the SIGMA Instrument takes advantage of the interplay of the type 1, 2, and 3 mechanoreceptors with the type 4 nociceptors creating an inhibition of pain, increasing neuroactivity and restoration of normal nervous system tone.

The SIGMA Instrument is very comfortable for patients of all ages due to the fact that there is no application of manual rotation or thrusting forces.

The patient is treated in a comfortable way without the need to turn or hyperextend parts of the body, head or neck. Thus this greatly reduces any issues associated with osteoporosis, vertebral artery conditions or other concerns that more aggressive techniques might not address.

What our patients say...

Mr. Harish Sakhare, Enginear, Pune.

"Dr. Umesh Falak has worked wonders for my spine pain. I have not had a bout of pain since starting the classes and feel a lot safer exercising in general, because I now know that having strong core muscles really helps protect your back. Thanks!"